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Linear Freedom



Linear Freedom is my book about linear drumming. The book presents my own concept on the subject matter.

The book offers basic vocabulary for all note values from triplets to 32nd-notes, and a conceptual approach to tie it all together. The goal is to improvise freely in a linear fashion in any note value.

The book will be supported by video features on my YouTube channel. Linear Freedom is published by Artificer Productions, and is available now.

How it Works

Linear Freedom aims to present a set of improvisational vocabulary for each note value. What that means is, rather than present every possible permutation of hand and foot combinations, it presents a certain selection, chosen and linked by an underlying concept. Chapter 1 presents the concept, and demonstrates its application using 16th-note phrases. Subsequent chapters then apply this concept to new sets of vocabulary for each note value.

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Every phrase and combination in the book is linked by the same concept, so understanding that concept is key. The idea is to take the concept outlined in Chapter 1, and then apply it to the note value of your choice.

The final goal is to be able to improvise in any value in a linear fashion. Linear Freedom does not present every possible linear lick or phrase. Instead, it focuses on the musical acquisition and application of a core set of phrases that are linked by a simple concept, allowing you to focus on the playing, rather than memorising endless combinations.

Where to Buy

You can buy your copy of Linear Freedom from the following:

Stay tuned for demonstration videos on the YouTube channel.

YouTube Channel

The YouTube channel features drum lessons, session and studio footage, clinics, and more. Check it out below:

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I am a drummer, bandleader, and educator. In order, this means that I play the drums, run a band, and do my best to inform others about these two things.

I work primarily as a live and session drummer. This means that I play the drums for those that need a drummer, whether that’s a live show or recording in the studio. I also make drumming-themed videos for YouTube.

I am lucky enough to have worked with a great number of very talented musicians. My main projects are the two Eclectic Bands. The Jonathan Curtis Eclectic Band is a studio project that records my own jazz-fusion compositions. The Eclectic Band is a three-piece band that plays these compositions live.

I grew up in Southwell, Nottinghamshire. I am fortunate enough to have studied the piano from a young age. While I can’t play much these days, it has given me a strong grounding in musical theory.

I began playing the drums aged 11. Having played in the school orchestra and many garage bands, my first proper band formed when I was 16. This was the Nottingham-based heavy metal band Old Maid. These days, I do more swing than blast beats, but the heavy stuff still has a place in my heart! You can check the discography for my most recent recording project.

I hold a Grade 8 (distinction) from Trinity Guildhall, and play, teach, and record regularly as a professional musician. For the name droppers, I am lucky enough to have studied with a lot of great drummers, including:

  • Thomas Lang
  • Dave Weckl
  • Virgil Donati
  • Pete Riley
  • Stanton Moore
  • Paul Hose
  • Massimo Russo
  • Rob Hirons
  • Sergio Belotti
  • Ash Soan
  • Grant Collins
  • Ralph Salmis
  • Bill Ward
  • Dave Hassel

I also enjoy video games, sci-fi and fantasy novels, beer, curries, and tormenting my cat.



To get in touch regarding anything from tuition, clinics, session or dep work, or bookings, please use the following form.

Drum Tuition

I offer one-to-one tuition from my bespoke, purpose-built Nottinghamshire studio. The studio is equipped with a full drum kit, and a full state-of-the-art audio-visual recording suite.

Tuition is geared towards the student’s individual needs and ambitions, and is suitable for intermediate to advanced level drummers.

For those interested, I offer the Trinity Guildhall grading syllabus.

Private lessons are conducted at £30 p/h, or £15 for 30 minutes. – Click here to see current Musicians’ Union rates.

I have a full DBS (formerly CRB) certificate, and I am a full Musicians Union member. The studio is located in Newton, just outside Bingham. I have worked with students of all ages and abilities, both privately and in groups.

Please note that the studio and tuition is not suitable for children under 12 years old. For beginners and youngsters, I would recommend Nottingham’s MLC Academy.

Please note that, due to high demand and limited time slots, there may be a waiting list for new students. I say this just as a precautionary, please don’t let it put you off getting in touch.

To enquire about private tuition, please get in touch using the form below: