Music is a major part of my life and work. I am lucky enough to work with some great artists and talented people. Something I decided a while ago now was to produce my own music along side playing music for other people.

The Eclectic Band

The Eclectic Band is a live band project which plays my own compositions. Some of these tracks first appeared on the JCEB record Carousel, and have been rewritten and adapted to the new line-up. Other tracks are brand new and exclusive to the Eclectic Band.

The band features Dan Dodson on the electric guitar. Dan’s virtuosity is a real spectacle, and his tone, melody, and touch really add depth to the tracks. Young Marcus Cain plays the bass in a way that really belies his age. These two are real men of their crafts, and it is a pleasure to play with them. Below is a video for the track The Long Road, which was recorded at Grosvenor Road Studios, Birgmingham in late 2016:


The Long Road will appear on the upcoming release Have You Heard?, and is expected in late 2017 under Artificer Productions. To learn more, visit the Eclectic Band on Facebook.