Drum Recording

Part of my work revolves around recording. I love working in the studio, and always look forward to recording sessions for other artists.

Traditionally, and artist who is producing a track hires the studio, hires the engineer, and then hires to musicians to actually play the music. This can become costly if it is being funded entirely by the artist or a small label.

With the opening of my home studio, I now record the drums for people from there. This saves the artist from necessarily having to hire a studio and engineer for the day, as that is all taken care of at my own studio. I record the drums, and the artist receives the files electronically. This means that I can record the drums for people anywhere in the world.

How it Works

Remote session drumming is one of the new stars of the digital age. The entire session can be conducted for the artist without them ever having to leave home. The artist sends me the audio template files (a rough track, a click track and score etc.) and I record the drums along to it. The raw audio stems are then sent to the artist to be mixed into the final track, and that’s that.

Costing is on a per-artist basis, which means it’s nearly impossible to give an example of price. This is because every project is unique, with its own set of demands and time investment. My rates for traditional, studio based session work broadly follow the Musicians’ Union pricing recommendations. Remote sessions conducted at my home studio can be significantly cheaper due to there being no travel, food, or carriage charges to include.

If you are interested in having some drums recorded for your music, either in a studio, or remotely, please get in touch using the following form for a full quote: