I am a drummer, bandleader, and educator. In order, this means that I play the drums, run a band, and do my best to inform others about these two things.

I work primarily as a live and session drummer. This means that I play the drums for those that need a drummer, whether that’s a live show or recording in the studio. I also make drumming-themed videos for YouTube.

I am lucky enough to have worked with a great number of very talented musicians. My main projects are the two Eclectic Bands. The Jonathan Curtis Eclectic Band is a studio project that records my own jazz-fusion compositions. The Eclectic Band is a three-piece band that plays these compositions live.

I grew up in Southwell, Nottinghamshire. I am fortunate enough to have studied the piano from a young age. While I can’t play much these days, it has given me a strong grounding in musical theory.

I began playing the drums aged 11. Having played in the school orchestra and many garage bands, my first proper band formed when I was 16. This was the Nottingham-based heavy metal band Old Maid. These days, I do more swing than blast beats, but the heavy stuff still has a place in my heart! You can check the discography for my most recent recording project.

I hold a Grade 8 (distinction) from Trinity Guildhall, and play, teach, and record regularly as a professional musician. For the name droppers, I am lucky enough to have studied with a lot of great drummers, including:

  • Thomas Lang
  • Dave Weckl
  • Virgil Donati
  • Pete Riley
  • Stanton Moore
  • Paul Hose
  • Massimo Russo
  • Rob Hirons
  • Sergio Belotti
  • Ash Soan
  • Grant Collins
  • Ralph Salmis
  • Bill Ward
  • Dave Hassel

I also enjoy video games, sci-fi and fantasy novels, beer, curries, and tormenting my cat.